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The company JUPAPLAST s.r.o. has become an important industrial partner for powder thermoplastic products. Since our establishment in 2017, we have been continuously developing innovative products for international markets such as technical textiles, products for the automotive industry, filtration, hygiene, cosmetics, etc. In addition to our standard product range, we offer tailor-made product solutions that we develop in cooperation with our clients.

Quality control is an important factor in our production process so in our production we use primary materials only. The quality is continuously checked and evaluated during the entire processing which guarantees the quality stability of the product. All our products have a material certificate and screen analysis upon delivery.



The company JUPAPLAST s.r.o. supplies powder thermoplastic materials to the European market mainly for  the automotive, textile, construction industries, agriculture, etc ... Our long-term expertise in the production of polymer powders ensures perfect fulfillment of all conditions of our customers. Our team can help you choose or customize our products to suit your needs - from choosing the suitable material or colour option to the right particle size selection.


LDPE 70-20-2/500/800


HDPE 20-4/500/800






We offer different ways of packaging:


Bulk bags weighting 500kg to 1,000kg.

PE bags

Classic PE bags weighting 20kg to 25kg.

Cardboard octabin

Cardboard packaging weighting 100kg to 1,000kg.


We have included another product in our portfolio, ACETAL POM Copolymer mfi 25.


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